Multi-Fit C-Spanners

Multi-Fit C-Spanners were designed for round, slotted or lugged couplings in the range from 1 to 8 inches.

They can be used for Stainless couplings, plastic joiners, polypipe fittings, basically anything in the range that is round with slots or lugs.

Primarily designed for Dairy, Food and Beverage Industries.



  A Brief History of the Multi-Fit C-Spanner

Many companies have used different designs and materials for C-Spanners from individually sized C-Spanners (of plated tool steel and Stainless Steel) to pivoting C-Spanners to do multiple sizes (until the tip wears) even the multiple curvature in our one piece Hook Spanner that had difficulties in areas of restricted access, which is why the composite C-Spanner replaced our Hook Spanner.

Our composite construction pivoting Multi-Fit C-Spanners tips are designed with multiple radiuses to locate into the round fittings, being Stainless Steel pivoting on a structural strength Alloy handle.

These spanners were developed and manufactured at a customer's request with input and feedback from the factory floor while adhering to Management requirements.

Originally these spanners were individually plasma cut, taking a great deal of hand finishing which is why outsourcing to other Australian manufacturers for component manufacture was necessary, to reduce price while ensuring the reliability and quality of the product and our business.


There are now three sizes of multifit C-spanners as for customer requirements

 Full size

Three Quarter size

Half size


Australian Designed and Manufactured

  • 16mm Marine Grade Alloy handle for ample strength, weight and corrosion resistance
  • Handle length, shape and material for user comfort and ample leverage
  • 16mm Stainless Steel end piece pivoting on pinned and tig welded Stainless Steel locating plates
  • Finished with a fine mechanical abrasive process to leave a uniform clean satin finish



  • Do not use spanner as a hitting implement
  • Do not use spanner with a pipe or temporary lever on the handle
  • After contact with any chemicals, the spanner should be rinsed to prolong it's life
  • Do not leave these composite spanners immersed in liquid for extended periods (as electrolysis (two different alloyed metals) should be avoided)
  • Spanners should be regularly checked for burrs and sharp edges from misuse
  • A visual inspection is all that is needed to check the condition of the tools on a regular basis as well as misuse burrs being filed off



12 Months replacement warrany against breakage through normal use as intended (see specification sheet)


 C-Spanner specification sheet                      Warranty


Half size C-Spanners 



Full Size

Three Quater

Half Size C-Spanners


Full Size - 660mm handle length

Three Quarter -480mm length

Half size - 330mm handle length


 alloy handle on Stainless Steel side plates